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Having trouble moving like you used to? Our occupational therapists in San Antonio can help you perform or enhance performance for daily activities like getting dressed, going to work or participating in sports.

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What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a type of rehabilitative care concerned with promoting health and well-being of people with physical or cognitive impairments through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations). Occupations refer to daily activities/chores performed as individuals, a part of a family or the community that occupy time and bring meaning and purpose in life. Occupations also cover the activities that people want, need and are expected to do, such as:

  • Self-care – dressing, bathing, eating, cooking, getting around the house, etc.
  • Productivity – cleaning, getting to work, etc.
  • Leisure Activities - sports, gardening, social activities, etc.

What Does An Occupational Therapist Do?

Our occupational therapists at Healthlink Outpatient Rehab help people of all ages overcome effects of permanent loss or lack of physical, sensory, mental or communication function so that patients can perform their occupations. They do so through:

  • Assessment: considering the patient’s physical, psychological, social and environmental needs following standardized procedures, interviews and observations in a variety of settings.
  • Planning: developing short-term and long-term treatment plans that ensure maximum functional outcome and patient satisfaction with progression of plan as patient improves.
  • Intervention: facilitating the performance of the patient and his/her adaptation to the environment by introducing new techniques and equipment that encourages personal care, reduces environmental barriers and provides resources to help manage stress.
  • Cooperation: communication with the physician throughout treatment to ensure smooth coordination of care; aligning with other professionals as well as the people surrounding the patient is important for a holistic approach.

Occupational therapy examples:

  • Children
    This may involve developing social or listening skills and may also involve teaching children self-care (e.g. dressing, eating independently, etc.). Healthlink Outpatient Rehab has a pediatric clinic that has physical, occupational and speech therapy services so your child can receive either or all services at one facility.
  • Older people
    This may involve teaching them to live an active and independent lifestyle, which may involve certain equipment to help them move around with more ease and/or modifying their home (e.g., installing hand rails, using nonslip mats in the bathroom)
  • People involved in personal injury compensation claims
    Occupational therapists who participate in the court system by giving advice on how a person has been affected and helping the court decide on the compensation award.
  • People needing help with managing their lives
    Because occupational therapists are trained to understand the needs of their patients, they may be asked to act as case managers for people who need help after sustaining a major injury. This may involve help finding or modifying their new home, finding another job opportunity or accessing education.
  • People in the workplace
    This may involve collaborating with the client (person who has a disability or illness) and employer to make modifications in the office.
  • People with mental health conditions or learning difficulties
    Occupational therapists may assist people with mental health conditions through teaching them ways to manage their condition. They also assist people with learning difficulties by helping them develop life skills (i.e., time management, budgeting, shopping and using public transport)
  • People with life-limiting illnesses
    Occupational therapists help people with terminal illnesses make the most of their time.
  • People with chronic pain
    Occupational therapists coordinate with different professionals to help with pain management.

Why Choose Healthlink Occupational Therapy

Healthlink Outpatient Rehab has licensed professionals dedicated to helping you find long term solutions to acute and chronic conditions. Our occupational therapists are dedicated to your health and well-being so you can recover quickly and maintain good health by:

  • Helping you do important everyday activities including self-care, leisure/play, work/education, social participation, sleep/rest
  • Helping you live a fuller, more satisfying and meaningful life despite illness, injury, disability or challenging life events
  • Maximizing function, independence and daily participation in your role as a child, parent, student, friend, worker, volunteer, etc.
  • Taking a client-centered approach that focuses on your abilities, goals and priorities
  • Advocating for human rights and access to services

When it comes to rehab, you make many important choices, the first of which is who you trust to guide you. Baptist Health offers convenient locations that provide exceptional outpatient rehab services. Wherever you are in San Antonio, Baptist care is nearby.

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Insurances Accepted

At Baptist Health System, we accept a wide variety of medical insurance plans. However, we recommend you verify your coverage with your carrier before you arrive at the hospital. If you have specific questions regarding insurance coverage at Baptist Health System, call us at 888-707-0664.

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